Gate 1 Travel Ratings


[usrlist “Affordability:5” “Value:3.5” “Guides:4” “Activities:4” “Customization:3.5” “Group Size:3.5” “Accomodations:3.5” “Transportation:4” “Meals:3.5” “Service:2″  avg=”true”]

If one wanted to take a trip on a budget and hit many of the “must see” sites in a given location, Gate 1 Travel is a good company to use. Gate 1 has a reputation for being a low-cost travel company and has tours for the most places around the globe. Recently, Gate 1 introduced tours for small groups and Signature Collection Luxury Travel. These packages cost considerably more than the regular tours offered by the company.

The company employees friendly, knowledgeable guides who enjoy their work and are passionate about their nation’s history and culture.

Most of the company tours will provide you with air and ground transportation.

Guided tours include a fair amount of meals. Breakfast is usually provided by the hotels and sometimes other meals are included, however, they are usually associated with day tour add-ons. These can range in price anywhere from around $25 to $150. Rates can be competitive depending on the particular region.

Group sizes are usually contained to the number of people who can fit on a standard tour bus (approximately 60).