The Strange Marketing Behavior of Front Sight Resort



  1. giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.

I wrote a blog about Front Sight Resort four years ago concerning the marketing tactics practiced by its owner, Ignatius Piazza. Since then, I have gotten comments from FS members, both positive and negative, as well as from an employee of the company. I openly post these comments for all to read with exception to the comment received from their employee.

This blog is dedicated to travel experiences and I don’t want to get bogged down discussing business practices of companies unless it can serve as a warning to others. Anyone familiar with Front Sight likely has a good understanding of their marketing tactics. These include inundating you with spam trying to convince you to upgrade your membership level, much like the Church of Scientology does with “The Bridge.”

Curiously, I have discovered Front Sight goes to great lengths to convince people they are not getting ripped off. Two websites have been created to give the allusion they were created by an objective third party. The supposedly independent reviewer is unidentified, which doesn’t lend itself much credibility. Perhaps this is because these websites were created by Ignatius Piazza himself.



Ignatius Piazza is obviously concerned about the reputation of himself and his organization. So much so that he even pays for Google ads to lead you to these websites where he answers his own questions about being a scam and a fraud. It should go without saying that honest and ethical companies do not need to create fake “independent” websites and spend money to run ads to them.

Sitelinks take you to Front Sight’s corporate website, This indicates FS owns this domain.



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