Front Sight Owner Ignatius Piazza is a Scam Artist

Are you a Master & Commander Elite Diamond Owner God of Front Sight yet? If not, you should be. Dr. Piazza has bigger plans for you. And the opportunities just keep coming. All you have to do is pay more for these exclusive offers.

Ignatius Piazza is a scam artist. I joined Front Sight nearly a decade ago. I purchased a Challenge membership, which allowed me to take most of the courses offered by FS for free. The price was a hefty $2,000.

Several years later I was given the “opportunity” to upgrade my membership to ‘Diamond’ status for $4,900. Piazza promised this level of membership would never be offered at this price again. He was right: It only took six years for him to offer this membership for the basement price of $250.

I can hardly think of any other service that has declined in value as much as a Front Sight membership. I got burned badly by Piazza. I knew it was extremely unfair that others were later given memberships at such a ridiculously low cost. I thought there was no way members could possibly get scammed the way I had for such low-cost memberships. I was wrong.

Piazza has decided again to screw his customer base. He is now implementing a transfer fee for all memberships.

Piazza’s marketing tactics are deceptive and unethical. Anyone thinking of joining this organization should carefully consider the history of FS before purchasing memberships. I put nothing past Piazza and his dirty tricks.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read this post that Piazza has come up with his next scam. Piazza would now like to offer a deluxe ‘Guardian’ membership, for an upgrade fee of course. He has been pressing this membership level for over three months now and I have received literally hundreds of emails from him. It is such a limited offer that he has to message me three times a day. This act of desperation should make anyone question what he’ll do next to get money from existing lifetime members.

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  1. I followed the same course you did with a Challenge Membership (2003) and then 3 Diamond Elites for me and my boys at $4,900 ea. True those memberships are now readily available at $250 or even less but we attended the courses several times a year for many years and I certainly got every cent back in value for the $ spent. We are headed out in March 2015… want to come?

  2. Thanks for the info! After receiving at least ;one email a day from F.S, I was about to buy the “Guardian” upgrade membership for $297 (latest price as of 5/4/15) but decided to save myself the possible aggravation later after reading your post. As it is, I only paid $300 total for a Diamond and a Legacy membership including the transfer fee so it’s ok for me.

  3. I have finally sent an e-mail back to Front Sight as I want to know what other levels of membership I will be offered for “$99” and soon to be raised to a gigantic amount of money. I have a Ruger 38, and a Chinese made shotgun I have yet to use. I am already ensured unlimited access to several differently named exclusive “lounges” soon to be built at the Nevada Front Sight. I am wondering how many times my name will be engraved on the “to be built” monument of … I am now a “Member of the Board” and wonder how large the “board” is and is there a huge auditorium for the Board meetings. His messages keep stating he is turning over the running of Front Sight to the members. Really? I wonder what would happen if we ALL went to the 4th of July Celebration. Have I been gullible all along? I have attended the two-day handgun course and took two of my adult sons to the four-day handgun course. Both were well taught and created an exceptional learning experience. But on a limited income with limited opportunities to travel to Nevada, I am unable to take advantage of all my “unlimited” opportunities. I fear if I am waiting for the new hotel, I will be buried before it actually exists. HELP!

  4. I endorse the scam nature of Ignatius marketing. Promising goods he hasn’t/can’t deliver for over a decade. I’m fed up with it.

  5. I am a Director Level Member and I “came up through the ranks” like many others. During that 10 years or so, whenever I called FS about anything, even some things that were kind of stupid on my part in retrospect, I was always treated with respect. In fact, I never got anything less than exceptional customer service. I am about to go out to FS in May for a 4-day course and all it will cost me is gas back and forth from Albuquerque and food. And, I can buy my ammo way cheaper through FS than anywhere else, including places like Sportsman’s Guide, Cheaper than Dirt, American Reloading, etc. Now from my perspective, if you’re living on a fixed income and you have to fly to Nevada to take advantage of your membership at FS, and you call Dr Piazza a scam artist because you can’t get there very often, you need to rethink that. People living on fixed incomes, unless they are sitting on other money piles, have no business buying a membership at FS if travel is prohibitive. That’s just plain ignorance and fiscal irresponsibility. But none of your bad judgment calls are Dr. P’s fault. You should have joined and supported a local gun club instead.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do believe Ignatius Piazza is a scam artist and it has nothing to do with most of what you wrote here. You are making a very big assumption to think I live on a fixed income and that travel to FS is too cost prohibitive for me. Additionally, I think the only bad judgment I have expressed is buying a lifetime membership to FS at a time when they were getting sued by members in a class action. Better judgment would have been to invest the money in an establishment like Gunsite or Thunder Ranch.
      I have never taken issue with the customer service provided, the pro shop prices or any of the other points you have mentioned here. My issue is Ignatius Piazza grossly overcharged members for a service that he later gave away practically for free and failed to honor many of the promised benefits that were offered.

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