Front Sight Owner Ignatius Piazza is a Scam Artist

Are you a Master & Commander Elite Diamond Owner God of Front Sight yet? If not, you should be. Dr. Piazza has bigger plans for you. And the opportunities just keep coming. All you have to do is pay more for these exclusive offers.

Ignatius Piazza is a scam artist. I joined Front Sight nearly a decade ago. I purchased a Challenge membership, which allowed me to take most of the courses offered by FS for free. The price was a hefty $2,000.

Several years later I was given the “opportunity” to upgrade my membership to ‘Diamond’ status for $4,900. Piazza promised this level of membership would never be offered at this price again. He was right: It only took six years for him to offer this membership for the basement price of $250.

I can hardly think of any other service that has declined in value as much as a Front Sight membership. I got burned badly by Piazza. I knew it was extremely unfair that others were later given memberships at such a ridiculously low cost. I thought there was no way members could possibly get scammed the way I had for such low-cost memberships. I was wrong.

Piazza has decided again to screw his customer base. He is now implementing a transfer fee for all memberships.

Piazza’s marketing tactics are deceptive and unethical. Anyone thinking of joining this organization should carefully consider the history of FS before purchasing memberships. I put nothing past Piazza and his dirty tricks.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read this post that Piazza has come up with his next scam. Piazza would now like to offer a deluxe ‘Guardian’ membership, for an upgrade fee of course. He has been pressing this membership level for over three months now and I have received literally hundreds of emails from him. It is such a limited offer that he has to message me three times a day. This act of desperation should make anyone question what he’ll do next to get money from existing lifetime members.

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