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[usrlist “Affordability:5” “Value:3.5” “Guides:4” “Activities:4” “Customization:3.5” “Group Size:3.5” “Accomodations:3.5” “Transportation:4” “Meals:3.5” “Service:2″  avg=”true”]

Go Real Europe

[usrlist “Affordability:5” “Accommodations:4” “Customization:5” “Service:5″ avg=”true”]


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I am S. Hall. At least that’s what my friends call me. I have traveled by car, semi-truck, and plane and become somewhat addicted to it (well, except for the truck part.) I don’t fly first-class or stay in fancy five-star hotels but I’ll travel when and where I can within a reasonable budget if given the chance. I enjoy photography as much as travel and I think they compliment each other well.

This blog is intended to inform visitors about people and places throughout the world based on what I have experienced in my travels. Each trip has been unique and has increased my knowledge of history, food, and culture. Not all experiences are positive but I share this knowledge so others are better informed.

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